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June 7, 2010 / chrisjwsuh


This website exhibits 12 student projects from Professor Susan Smulyan‘s “Digital Scholarship” class, which was taught in the spring of 2010 at Brown University (the course syllabus is available on this website).

Click on the links below to view the student projects and Professor Smulyan’s comments. You are welcome to leave your own comments as well.

Sara Emmenecker, “Recent Past Providence”

Micah Salkind, “Spring of ’17”

Krystal Appiah, “African American Providence: An Exhibit and Walking Tour”*

Megan Townes and Amy Atticks, “‘I Was There’ Digital Repository Project”

Shana Weinberg and Kaitlynn Ward, “Historic Houses 2.0”*

Erin Boyle, “Farmer Voices”

Piah Sahni and Colleen Tripp, “A Digital Reading of Ruth Ozeki’s My Year of Meats

Caitlin Fisher, “A Digital Exploration of Multiraciality”

Ronaldo Noche, “Kinilaw: A Digital Memory Bank of Filipino Foodways”*

Chris Suh, “Perry in Japan”

Esteban Ucros, “Vagamundo: The Life and Journeys of Jorge Montesdeoca”

Lucia Lopez and Kathryn Higgins, “Archiving the Stalls”*

* These projects used Omeka. They can be also found at the Brown University Library Omeka site:


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