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Erin Boyle

“Farmer Voices”

“Farmer Voices” is a work-in-progress prototype for a website aimed to share the voices of Rhode Island farmers with the public. Over the past half-century, as Americans have become more and more distanced from the food that they eat, a crucial relationship between producer and consumer has been broken.  “Farmer Voices” hopes to be just one step in helping to rebuild that connection through a series of audio slideshows featuring the voices of Rhode Island farmers, and photographs of the land they farm.


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  1. Susan Smulyan / Jun 9 2010 7:19 am

    One of the things I learned from Erin’s project was how much good design and stunning visual images can add to the content of a project. From the beginning, Erin pushed all the instructors by asking in what format, using what tools, could she have the most design control and the final project shows why she wanted it. The amount of work that went into this website is amazing – four farm visits, four oral histories, four sets of images, all edited – in addition to learning Vimeo and WordPress. The interviews served the requirements for another course as well, and seem to ask and answer important questions.

    One of the many interesting concepts raised by this project is the use of “audio slideshows” rather than video or any other way of presenting the same content. Erin writes, “I am interested in the sounds of the farm and in the sounds of the farmers’ voices and I am especially fond of pairing these sounds with visual clues,” and notes that “audio slideshows aren’t only about the quality of the image, but also about the subject matter. Being able to pair relevant photos with compelling audio is what makes the difference between good and great audio slideshows.” I think there is a conference paper or publishable essay in the use of audio slideshows as a digital genre and that “Farm Voices” makes a compelling case. I’d like to hear more about what Erin thinks about the format and why she chose it.

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