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Esteban Ucros

“Vagamundo: the Life and Journeys of Jorge Montesdeoca”

“Vagamundo” is the digital component of an exhibition about the South-American travelling painter, Jorge Montesdeoca, and an exercise in digital humanities. The challenge was to create a cohesive and coherent digital product that would take advantage of the technical and conceptual possibilities offered by digital tools and the Internet, but that would not require technical skills and infrastructure that are normally beyond the reach of small public history projects or organizations.

“Vagamundo: the Life and Journeys of Jorge Montesdeoca” forms part of Populardelujo’s participation in Liberando al Libertador, an exhibition about the current state of the ‘Bolivarian Dream’ commissioned by Casa América Catalunya, a cultural organization based in Barcelona, Spain.  Populardelujo is a multiformat project that I co-funded that documents, celebrates, and critically discusses Bogota’s “ordinary” culture.  It emphasizes the research, documentation and interpretation of the city’s graphic landscape.



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  1. Susan Smulyan / Jun 9 2010 8:19 am

    Like several of the other projects, “Vagamundo” derives its strength from the combination of fascinating content enhanced, explained, and further analyzed by the use of digital tools. I especially appreciated Esteban’s insistence on using the simplest and most accessible programs and the combination of these five programs (iWeb; UMapper; Flickr; Garage Band; and Photoshop) show the synergistic power of thoughtful simplicity (and prove that imagination and design skills mean that you don’t need to learn code to turn out amazing websites).

    The mashup of mapping with images and sound proved especially powerful in this story of a wandering artist. But the embedded Flickr site and the image collage were also wonderful. I’m enough of a dirt historian so that I wanted to see each of the “documents” separately (and hear what the curators had to say about them) as well looking at them as part of the collage but I may be alone in that. I appreciate the translation for us mono-linguals as well and know that the website will be hugely important for telling this significant and compelling story.

  2. Mark Vice / Jun 12 2010 5:10 pm

    I love it!

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