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Krystal Appiah

“African American Providence: An Exhibit and Walking Tour”

Using photographs, maps, archival records, and recorded excerpts, I created an Omeka web exhibit to highlight ten historic sites relevant to Providence’s African American history.  Visitors can browse the exhibit online in any order to learn more about these places.  To take the walking tour, they can follow the route on the map and then use the website for additional information about each site. As they explore I hope visitors will consider these questions:

  • Why do we preserve and/or commemorate sites?
  • Is it meaningful to visit these places, whether or not traces of the historic past remain?
  • How do places and institutions evolve, adapt, and transform over time?  How should we acknowledge these changes?

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  1. Susan Smulyan / Jun 9 2010 6:46 am

    This website uses the exhibition tool in Omeka very well to create good-looking and easy to follow pages. I appreciated Krystal’s interest in learning Omeka and beginning a database that might work for other such walks or for African American sites around the country. I also liked the questions that pop up throughout the website to challenge and engage viewers and walkers.

    The written descriptions of each site are great and I wonder how they could be made available to the walkers. Will they look up the site on their phones and read as they go along? I especially like the document included with the Snow Town Riot entry and the sound recording of the document’s text was GREAT. In an extension of the project, it would be wonderful to have documents available for each site and a recorded version of the document to listen to while you walked! Sara Emmenecker and Micah Salkind have great narrations for their audio walking tours (“Recent Past Providence” and “Spring of 17”) but struggled with how to include documents (or photographs) within the tour. Finding fabulous documents (like the description of the Snow Town Riot) and recording them works very well.

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