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Ronaldo Noche

“Kinilaw: A Digital Memory Bank of Filipino Foodways”

“Kinilaw: A Digital Memory Bank of Filipino Foodways” is a project that collects and preserves memories  about Filipino foodways–the numerous practices involving the way we eat, produce, and interact with food. As a website powered by user contributions of stories, images, audio, and video, Kinilaw enables us to look at Filipino food from new perspectives by collecting stories in the present thereby providing the opportunity to explore an underappreciated cuisine through past and future memories.


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  1. Susan Smulyan / Jun 9 2010 7:43 am

    Ronaldo’s project is all potentiality. He has thoughtfully considered how to use a digital environment to collect, organize, and analyze the research for his dissertation. In his first year of a PhD program, he has made an excellent start on thinking through the issues — technical, cultural, analytical — involved in the ethnography he plans. Omeka, if and when we can get him his own hosted version, will enable him to access the material he collects and write from it in a sophisticated way. His dissertation will intervene in several discourses, and now that will include digital humanities.

    In many ways, this project is based on the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, set up by the Center for History and New Media. One of the next steps is for Ronaldo to talk to the folks at CHNM to get tips for his own “memory bank.” We can work to make the language on the site shorter and simpler in some places, and more sophisticated and academic in other places. Now, the language tries to do both, and the joy of a web site is the amount of space available. There should be sections explaining to the public how to (and why they should want to) deposit memories and pages where food scholars (and curious members of the public) can learn more about Ronaldo’s work. This is a good start for an important project.

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