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Sara Emmenecker

“Recent Past Providence”

“Recent Past Providence” is an online community and source of educational information for people interested in Providence’s architectural resources. The site uses digital tools to present content to the public in a way that could only be done online. Features include digital exhibit and database prototypes created using Omeka, video, a downloadable audio walking tour with accompanying map and guidebook, an interactive Google Map, and a dynamic Twitter feed displaying updates about the recent past preservation movement.


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  1. Susan Smulyan / Jun 9 2010 7:12 am

    Perhaps the most impressive thing about this site is the way it serves as a “sampler” for all the tools that Sara learned to use, and used so thoughtfully, in this project. The other strength of the site remains Sara’s knowledge of the subject and her ability to present a lot of information in a range of ways, aurally and in short written pieces. Finally, the photographs are phenomenal and look particularly good on-line.

    I think, like Micah Salkind’s walking tour, “Spring of ‘17” the site would be enriched by having a written version of the great scripts both Micah and Sara prepared for their walks. I think you can get some of this in the ScribD PDF of the walking tour, but the aural version is great and I’d love a gallery of the buildings, with short descriptions, for people who aren’t in Providence, but want to see the buildings and what Sara knows about them on-line. (I’m listening to the tour in Canberra, Australia, which is FULL of both wonderful and horrible recent past architecture and I’d love to show the photos and a brief description to my friends here).

    Two last faves: Beneficent House was designed (originally) by Paul Rudolph (who knew?) and the Twitter feed which makes this a living site.

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