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Shana Weinberg and Kaitlynne Ward

“Historical Houses 2.0”

“Historic Houses 2.0” explores the tools (including digital platforms, cameras, and photo editing software) necessary to transfer a historic house’s collection into Omeka and/or WordPress.  This resource guide provides information about processes necessary to digitize a collection, and shares our experiments with different tools.  “Historic Houses 2.0” provides a cultural institution with a guide about how best to focus their resources when deciding to go digital.


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  1. Susan Smulyan / Jun 9 2010 8:25 am

    I loved the “meta” nature of this project, which began as a simple website for one historic house and morphed into something more interesting. With just a little work, I think Shanna and Kaitlynne could present their ideas to those who work in historic houses and find a lot of interest. In many ways, this is an extension of a project that began the last time I taught this course. Al Lees and Leah Nahmias (The Public Humanities Toolbox) revised their project after the term ended and have presented it at a range of conferences.

    Shanna and Kaitlynne could do the same or they could join with Al and Leah to add a section on historic house museums to the Public Humanities Toolbox. When you get ready to revise, let me know and I can make some more detailed comments. For one quick example, you could include more information on Omeka and why its useful. You’ve shown it, but I think your description could be better.

    My only problem with this site, which has lots of great information, is the title. Its not really about audience participation (as implied by the phrase “Web 2.0”) but about how to put a historic house on the web. It might better be called “Digital Houses” or “Historic Houses Go Digital” or something much more clever than my ideas.

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